itadakimasu~ Humbly have your fill


A wall by any other name



After many a delay, Zombie Romanticism chapter 7 has arrived for the faithful. Like last time, this installment has no zombies whatsoever. Yeah, yeah, boo! …Please enjoy it anyways<3

We should all know the drill by now, but in case you don't: bot first, link later. Have at it, leechers!

- Macurai


Rise & Shine


Wake up, sleepyhead!

Huaaah… *gulps down a Morning Rescue* Mmm! All right, time to get back into the business of releasing and stuff.

I have a chapter of Zombie Romanticism and of Mononoke Soushi for the masses today. As always, bot first... links later.

In other news, I can now name the ??? project. The title of the manga is Sowachine. It’s not full of pantsu, I promise~

- Macurai